Don't Put Your Ohio Real Estate License in Escrow or Give it Up!

Let Real Estate Referral Group Help You Keep Your License and Continue to Make Money

Real Estate Referral Group is designed to help agents maintain their license in these tough economic times. Our system allows you to:

  • Save money on fees and dues
  • Make money by referring your clients to us
  • Keep your license

So don't put your real estate license in escrow or give it up, register with us and take advantage of our Group Bonus Plan.

Our system allows you to keep your real estate license active and avoid paying dues every year for MLS fees, Brokerage fees and Realtor ® membership dues...and create income that can accumulate simply from handing your real estate referrals over to us — qualified, professional, full-time salespeople.

No Quotas

At Real Estate Referral Group, we don't have any quotas; you can keep your license with us as long as you would like without threat of removal from the company. There is an annual fee of $100.00, which is due when you sign up with us, and on your anniversary as a member of Real Estate Referral Group.

Increase Your Bonus with Agent Referrals

If you know of other agents that are getting hit in these hard times, and are considering putting their license in escrow or allowing it to lapse, take advantage of our Bonus Plan and refer them to us. By referring other agents to us, you can raise your brokerage commission split. By simply referring one agent to us, your split will be increased to 65%. If you add two or more new agents, your commission split will be increased to 70%. The commission split is capped at 70%.

What Happens to Your License

You license will be placed in an active status; however, you will be considered inactive at your local Board of Realtors and unable to practice Real Estate other than FSBO's, which you can own and sell in accordance with the requirements of the Division. You are required to renew your license and to remain current in all educational requirements.